Prep prune plant

In today’s Globe and Mail I have my first piece in months, just as the season is winding down. I hope you find it useful.  I sure loved writing it.

I will now try hard to keep up this blog space with plant and garden information.

This year when I thought I might be retiring, I kept getting lovely people who wanted me to do their gardens, so it’s been great satisfying work.  Here’s what happened:  I’d get a request to come and consult. When we got along like crazy, I would agree to come with a crew and renovate their gardens.  It’s my old crew but they are independent now. So all I have to worry about is the design, the plans and the installation.  It worked a dream.

I’ve had the best most enjoyable year going at my own pace of not more than one garden a week.  And I’m doing long distance consulting as well.  Just contact me if you need help. There’s still time this year and I will probably be raring to go in spring.

For the moment read this:

Perform these tasks to prep your garden for winter and ensure its success next spring