SUMMER IN THE GARDEN: moving plants

It has been the busiest summer of a busy life. We have  installed so many gardens and now things are slowing down and I can take a breath and be in m own garden.

Here we pulled out trees and shrubs and moved things around to such an extend it feels refreshed and new to me. I suspect anyone looking at the pictures of my garden, however, feel like they were seeing the same old thing. But this isn’t true.

dining room combo

Near the house, things were looking ratty so I had the Cornus compressa exchanged for a larger one; the Acer shirasawanum  exchanged for a larger healthier one and those the plant combination is the same, the results are much much better.


Cornus compressa is an interesting plant (that’s it on the left). I like to put it in as many gardens as possible. The catalogues say it will grow to 50cm obviously written by someone who has never grown it.  In my garden sometimes it hits 2.5M (8 ft) and is still growing.

The Japanese maple Acer shirasawanum ‘Aurea’  which we brought from the front garden where it was overshadowed by other plants but shines here. Once all these plants hit their maturity it’s going to be incredible. I’m patient.


I’ve been working on the summer quarterly, a little late but filled with information that is timeless (she said).  If you’d ike to subscribe, please let me know.


And here’s the link to the story on my garden published in Gardeniseta with photographs with the amazing Andreas Trauttmansdorf

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