June in the garden

June 11 overall




What a great week in the garden. It started with the great photographer Andreas Trautmansdorff shoot in the garden. He’s doing it for Gardenista the gardening blog everyone seems to be reading these days. The garden looked ravishing and, of course,  Andreas’s magnificent photographs captured the garden that day in those moments. It was a lot of fun for me and brought back the glory days when we shot Canadian gardens for the now defunct Gardening Life magazine.

The garden has been incredible for the last month as it has revealed all the damage from a terrible winter. Things have come into fullness later than usual. Some things died which didn’t surprise me but other things have struggled and managed to live.  I will publish some of my favourite Spring plants and how they looked in this garden. And I’ll let you know when his shots are published.  They will be a treat.


Andreas in action is always a delight to watch. Andreas