Xeriscape gardens


acer moonrising

This  is my latest beauty, not a xeriscape plant of course.  It’s Acer shirasawnum ‘Moonrise’ and the  touches of red on the palmate leaves are echoed in the red tulips which I’d forgotten I’d planted last fall. Nature the great designer, serendipity for the rest of us.




In this Saturday’s Globe I’ve got the cover story on Xeriscape Gardens. It’s a terrific take out and I’m thrilled with the design.

Sunday morning I’ll be on CBC’s Fresh Air with Karen Gordon talking about the pitfalls of trendy gardening.  Spring has indeed sprung.

On Wed. May 22 I will be giving a talk called “Let’s Stop Making Ugly Gardens” for the Whitby in Bloom Series:   7:30 p.m. at  Brooklin United Church, 18 Cassels Road East. Brooklin.  Come and say hello.