California living 1

We are here in what can only be described as Paradise: on the ocean, with a sandy beach stretching as far as the eye can see in either direction. The dolphins were out in full force today and the occasional pelican swooped in to peer around.

It’s perfect, or is it? There are no more shells at least not this week. It seems only a few years ago when big storms as we had yesterday lashed these shores, the ocean would give up its treasures to all of those trawling for them on the beach. Today is a very low tide and yet there are no shells, few stones. I swear in the past you’d see people dragging bags of them away to edge, mulch and otherwise adorn their gardens.
I asked a beach volunteer and she thought there was little being fetched up from the sea but even if you could find stones and shells, you can’t take them away anymore. I wonder if the people marching up and down know this.


The sunsets are astounding. But the wonders never cease. What I have seen this week:
A young man walking a wire set up between two palm trees
A chap practising his new equipment for hang gliding. All he needs is a cliff he said.
A surfer with a sail working it back and forth in the wild winds with dophins mucking about all around.
It’s a wondrous place with much more to come maybe a plant or two.