Summer in the garden

This has been the busiest season ever for our design business meaning that seven day work weeks have kept me hopping.

Here’s the garden this week. It’s a riot of foliage colour, depth and layering. I could spend hours just staring at it, if there was but time. This is a predicament that’s sort of crazy:  have a great garden and ignore it.  But it also shows that a garden beautifully planted and carefully thought out can get along quite nicely on its own. I never know whether to be chastised or grateful. Both I suspect.

2012 June mid gardenThe variegated dogwoods look particularly good:

Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’ in the background and Cornus ‘Samaritan closer to the house. Both superb plants which I’d been a little nervous about putting so close together. Never mind.  It does work because that great looming viburnum keeps them apart.

Here’s one of the videos we did for the Globe a few weeks ago.  Today we’re shooting another four and i’ll put them on here when things are ready.

Now that things have calmed down in the garden renovating world, I’ll try to do this more often.  There are so many plants I would like you to see. The Globe has Plant of the Week on a sporadic basis. I have to keep checking too.