Plant list

This astounding plant has been blooming all winter and is now putting on new blooms for Spring:  Helleborus ‘Josef Lemper’.  I’m going to be planting a lot more hellebores this year. They are superb.

Helleborus 'Josef Lemper'

What a week: a talk at Canada Blooms was such fun and I forgot my plant list at home. So if you want the plant list let me know and I’ll send it on to you. Go to Contact me and put plant list in the subject. I’ll also put you on the newsletter (free free free) as well.
This morning I was on Fresh Air with Mary Ito and it’s now on their web site at
This has been a week so full of planty stuff it’s been thrilling. The catalogues were waiting at home so garden porn has been my companions in the tub and on the subway. Can’t get enough of Larry Davidson’s catalogue for his nursery Lost Horizons ( You have to print it out (97 pp if you leave off extraneous stuff) and you can’t order plants, but you can learn a lot and the prices are a good benchmark. The choice plants just make  you drool.  Farewell to this year’s budget. is another great catalogue: but this is serious garden porn and you’ve got to steel yourself from temptation. Great for people who don’t have a fabulous nursery within six blocks as I do (Fiesta Gardens on Christie Street).
Happy Spring Tuesday more to come.