I’ve got a new e-letter prepared and Anna as usual has done a fantastic job on it. Full of lovely plant suggestions.
Just e-mail me and I’ll send you the link.

The garden is popping incredibly and every day seems to bring new ephemerals into view.  But here’s a scene I like very much:

2011 jardin de refuse  apr 30 It’s hard to believe this was mud city a few weeks ago. The scilla blanket the whole garden now and what a pleasure they are:  they look great for a while in spring just when we need them,  spread around and then disappear in summer making way for all the other plants around them.

The Cornus mas behind the viburnum is just coming into glory. I like this composition  because there’s an old Chinese vase, broken long ago, which humps up like a small whale in a sea of green. And the compost is sitting back there needing a good turn. I’ll keep shooting from this exact spot for the rest of the year.

If you want a copy of the piece that was in the Life section of the Globe and Mail this week, let me know and I’ll send it onwards.