The Garden in Winter

I’m back to a snowy gorgeous garden.  I was in Paris for a few weeks and it threw everything out of kilter. It was just too good. Then back to work and here I am again willing to come to you every week.

The garden this week is lovely to my eye:

Early December 2010

Early December 2010

Yesterday the garden was inundated by flocks of birds. On their way south I hope.  They stopped and hoovered their way through just about everything with a bit of fruit on it. It was exciting to see because they are amazingly polite:  one group would wait on the fence while another shot through picking at this and that. And not a pigeon among them.  I get tired of seeing pigeons scooping up bird seeds set out in feeder.  They aren’t interested in the things I grow for birds:  roses hips, buds on vines and shrubs (berberis seems very popular).

There is still lots and lots of colour and the evergreens are looking amazing.  I need to add many more and will do so next year.

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My wonderful web mistress Anna Pemberton has had sick kids and they trump newsletters every time. But she’s working on it.

In this shot I moved the cast bronze pine cone from its normal position at the garden side of the fountain to the top where I can enjoy it all winter. I asked sculptor Reinhard  Reitzenstein if that was okay (artists can be prickly about this sort of thing). Okay indeed he said, a little seasonal updating. Love that man. He’s not only incredibly talented, he’s a very funny guy. I’m hoping he’ll come and visit his creation soon.  It gives me non-stop pleasure and is the perfect example of why art has such an important place in the garden.  I can no longer imagine what my garden would look like without this wonderful sculpture fountain.  Looks fabulous at night all lit up from above and below. I realize I am very lucky