japanese beetles

What a pile of mail about Japanese beetles.  Apparently this was an incredible year for them.  here’s a typical letter:

We had a garden planted 2yrs.ago. We have [had] tea roses near in the bed adj. to the house[south facing] Had an infestation of the Japanese beetles-killing all the roses plus leaves etc. Have tried the trap etc. to no avail-finally chopped all the rose bushes down. Still get a few of the on my potted plants. Pls. HELP!! Also, would the featured plant-‘Barberry’ work in this area? Really enjoy your column! Thanks, Yasmin

Japanese beetles have had the perfect year:  warm winter, long wet spring, hot summer they have been mating like, well like, rabbits. This is a site I recommend you look at for some solutions to this dreadful problem:  www.ghorganics.com/JapaneseBeetle.html

Squishing regularly is good;  using Neem oil but check out what  you can get in your area and read the instructions carefully.  Temperature makes a big difference. And you’ve got until mid September to use pheromone traps which carry the scent of a virgin and attract masses of bugs. Try www.biofloris.com which has terrific products.

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