Montreal Gazette Review of Thrifty

I just got a phone call from Edward O. Phillips one of my favourite novelists. He lives in Montreal and like the gentleman he is he read me a great review of THRIFTY: living the frugal life with style over the phone. Someone will have it he says.  Here’s a link sent to me by Mark Disero about ten minutes later:
Unfortunately you’ll have to cut and paste it… I can’t make it work any other way.
Ted Phillips is one of the people who wrote an essay for THRIFTY. A very funny piece on lawn sales at which he is the past master. He wrote a novel called No Early Birds which is based on murder at a lawn sale. Very very funny book.
Phillips has bought five copies of THRIFTY himself “Perfect threshold gift my dear. Just the book to give someone when they invite you over for dinner.”
Oh boy do I love all of this. Makes the flood seem a whole lot less important and Dale the handyman was actually over blowing the whole pipe system out today. By tomorrow it will be working.
And everywhere I can see snowdrops emerging from the mud a detritus of the winter garden.