Below is the sunset shot of the day. I seem never to tire of taking them. But the other day a gigant earthmoving machine spent hours pushing  the shore into the large berms that keep the ocean from whizzing right through the building along its perimeter.

Raising the berm at Carp Beach

Raising the berm at Carp Beach

This could be idyllic but what’s also happening is that the ecological structure of the beach is being changed. The next morning shore birds were pecking away in the tracks of this machine.  But today they have found their rightful place along the shoreline.

Horrifically it looks like nothing has changed except that the berms are higher and rains are expected.  Those little condos you see on the right are for sale or at least several of them are (we’re taking two bedrooms here). The average price is 2.4 MILLION dollars.

So keeping the sea under control is to their advantage. No one has asked the birds and the animals that live in the sand their opinion.