Carpinteria Ca

From Carp beach north Here is our beach looking north toward Santa Barbara.  It has a wild look to it and in the winter,  though the beaches are never empty but they have few people walking along the shore.

The storms passing through this area have mean huge mud slides further south and more predicted.  This was taken on Monday which was a glittering sunny day with air  so intoxicating it made me feel giddy with joy.

I couldn’t get out and walk enough times. Beyond this beach is a wildlife sanctuary and I was lucky enough to run into a knowledgeable volunteer named Andrea who walked me through the native plants they are trying to restore in this fragile coastal wetland.

Here’s our  building on the ocean. The berms that hold back the rising waters are HUGE. Nothing I’d want to jump off since they come up to the 2nd storey of the building.  Storms have wracked the shores and changed the look which we are just beginning to explore.Our building

Today:  it’s pissing down rain again and we’re out of food. Astonishing since all we seem to do is going out to shop for more. But indeed sparse pickings so we’re off to Zookers resto once again in a rain storm.