The berberis I showed below is indeed spiny and will keep all cats and skunks away from any border. Another good quality.
Catalogues: Oh my,  the Thompson & Morgan catalogue has drifted in to lift the misery of  the blizzard going on outside. It’s so full of such good plants it’s hard to know where to start in recommendation. But have a look at this one I’ll be pushing some plants in future essays.  The ones you have to have will be listed in the e-letter.

Another superb catalogue is Gardenimport . This is one of the best illustrated and photographed catalogues around. It’s great for new plants, and if you live in an area where there isn’t a wonderful nursery, this is the one to examine closely.

There are many more catalogues but there are the two top ones (for seeds in the first case; and plants in the second case).

It was a bonanza on New Year’s Day this year. We always go to a great party hosted by Alison Gordon and it never fails to be amusing, filled with lots of wonderful people. Margaret Atwood came up to me and said how much she likes my new book (it was her idea, and she’s got lots of stuff in there) and that she had tweeted about it.  I was naturally thrilled.

All writers are dead nervous about a new book coming out. Thrifty: Living the Frugal Life with Style was a huge amount of fun to write and I got a lot of my wonderful friends to write essays and be interviewed and they came up with glorious stuff. Sometimes funny, always useful and I’m going to be flogging it all this month.

Next Monday (Jan 11), I’ll be on with Libby Znaimer on Zoomer Radio 96.3 in Toronto.

What fun this all is.  I feel very lucky to have a lovely publisher, editor and now publicity hound to help sell it.  You can also buy it from me and I ‘ll sign it for you.

And I’m really am working on a new e-letter and you can sign up for it if  you haven’t already. Thanks everyone for responding to this blog and my tweets (marjorie_harris).