Christmas presents for gardeners

What is going on this year?  In all the lists of stuff for people, we gardeners are pretty much ignored. What a change from a few years ago when garden writers were swamped with requests to make up lists for magazines and newspapers. It’s symptomatic of the lack of a garden press in this country and a fading one everywhere else.

We must therefore plunge in a do a completely ruthless personal list which may mean nothing to anyone else but me.

First of all there are all of my own books. Absolutely great gifts. Try and find them in a book store. If not you can order them from me and I’ll get them out immediately.

And I’ll soon have copies of my new book:  THRIFTY: LIVING THE FRUGAL LIFE WITH STYLE.  It will cost $26 including postage.

We have reason to celebrate others’ books mightily:

MIDDLE AGE SPREAD by Sonia Day is a memoir of a city person moving to the country. It’s about building a garden as well as a house, a life and it’s a lot of fun.  And she’s such a lovely writer.

You might want to find a good catalogue of great plants.  Wrighmtan Alpines is one of the ones I adore. Why not make a promise for a new plant as soon as he ships in spring.  You could do the same with Gardenimport plants as well.  Both have special plants you’ll find nowhere else. Go to their web sites. Pick a plant, and put a shot of it into a really lovely card.  Great gift.


It’s not possible to have too many pairs garden gloves, mainly because people like me leave them all over the garden, gather them up and plunk them in the wash all at once. Make sure that’s possible when you are picking them out. rittenhouse

The best watering can, bar none, is still the Hawes Watering can. It’s so well balanced. And it should only come in racing car green to my mind.  I have one that’s at least twenty years old so it’s worth the investment.  You can get them at both Rittenhouse and Lee Valley and really good garden stores.

I’ve mentioned this before , but it’s proved to be such a useful item I have to mention it again:  the countertop Compost Pail which Lee Valley sells for $45.

Waterstik is   perfect for anyone with containers, has a balcony, rooftop gardens. It’s a gizmo you stick in the pot to check on when you need to water.  $18.50. Lee Valley

Mark Disero Has lots of fun on his web sites. He’s the gossip columnist for gardeners in the GTA so you can keep an eye on what’s going on in the gardening community.

Sign up for my new e-letter:  click here As soon as the Christmas season is over I’ll be  back to writing.

Here we are just getting ready to celebrate and it’s not particularly snowy but we live in hope that it won’t be a huge storm just enough to make magic.

Christmas dining room 2009