Winter chores in the garden now

I feel like perennials are staring at me, just daring me to leave them alone for a few more days. But there will be frost tonight and what I had forgotten all about was turning off the water, draining the hoses and the copper pipes. They connect all the taps in the garden and I need every one of them to function. How I could have forgotten this important chore is beyond me.
It’s the weather’s fault of course. It’s been way too nice for too long. We were installing gardens last week feeling very confident that everything will do well. Then came enough rain to soak trees below the root systems which was even better.

Now winter will get serious. We’ve had no snow at all and when I look at my garden journal for last year it was a different story. It was sort of snow-drizzle on this day.

The garden seems particularly alive right now and many plants are gorgeous. And as soon as this dopey software is fixed, I’ll pin them up here.

All the evergreens got several extra couple of buckets of water to help them get through the winter.

I’ve had complaints from Ottawa that too many buds showing, leaves unfurling as this curious weather has encouraged. They are longing for snow. Not me. Not yet.

Thanks so much for your notes I love getting them.