a stolen wallet and late fall planting

Last Thursday I went to McMaster University to do an afternoon and evening book signing. We had a lovely time and the bookstore there is great.
Then the next day I discovered my little bag with every piece of Id I have except my passport was gone. Then began the weekend from hell. Cancelling, blocking, changing access cards and, of course, squeezing a few more dollars out of the bank because my bag had all my cash.
Well this a.m. it turns out that some ruthless sod did steal my bag, took the money and threw it on the steps of a church in Westdale near the university.
Along comes an angel named Megan (a smart angel) who took it to the nearest TD branch. She turned in the whole thing and it will be winging its way back to me in a day or so. I’m so grateful to her. And will be in touch I hope.
I now know what you do when this happens. There’s a government page that lists all the phone numbers and information on how to replace SIN cards (never carry them) and Health Cards (always carry them).
It’s www.servicecanada.gc.ca
Everyone I dealt with was incredibly kind and sympathetic and kept me from the panic I could feel growing inside when I discovered the missing bag.
Good way to start the week with something optimistic happening.
We are on the last day of a garden installation and we’ve been so lucky with the weather I can’t believe it. So if you’ve got stuff to plant get it in in the next couple of days in Southern Ontario. This can’t last.