Tom Vogel?s Pix and the new E-letter

I love looking at my garden. I?ve gotten to the stage where I actually sit in the garden and appreciate it. Feels like I?ve spent decades like a whirling dervish out there, not stopping long enough to memorize what it was like.I don?t remember what it was like ten years ago any more. I had the checkerboard, yes. Things weren?t as tall of course and there were may more perennials. Now I stand in the middle of my garden and can feel layer upon complex layer of plants all around me. ?Most of it created by using foliage instead of blooms.At the end of the week, we pulled out a huge old boxwood and a viburnum seedling which had gotten out of hand. Huge task which Kathy and her nephew Henry managed to accomplish in between whacking great tropical downpours. Now for some creative staring to figure out what?s next.?If you go to My Garden (up there at the top), you?ll see Tom Vogel?s brilliant and latest installment in photographing the garden with a new kind of perspective. You can click on the flower in the middle and it goes from winter to spring to summer and you can see all around the garden.?I do it on a regular basis because it completely fascinates me. I sort of like technology.Speaking of which: the new e-letter will go out on Wednesday. If you haven?t signed up and want it, do let me know. Tara will come in and actually do this because my eyes just glaze over at sending out hundreds of these things. When I try it doesn?t work. Just like getting photographs on to the web site. So far I?ve been a complete dunce at this. But I live hopefully.So look at My Garden, sign up for the e-letter and hope that it doesn?t rain again today.