my first blog

I am a day late but that’s because my computer is dying on the vine as it were.? Today I’m going out to buy an iMac and hope that my computer woes will be over.? I have been on the phone and with techies to the point of distraction from work.

This is the season for visiting gardens and yesterday was a classic event.? I went with my friends Susan and Sondra to Tom Deacon’s garden. I think it’s one of the best in the country and you can read about it and see his own glorious photographs in the current issue of Gardening Life magazine.?? We did what good garden visitors should always do:? took some really nice food, wine and plenty of enthusiasm.?

Visiting is tricky—you can’t criticize and you can’t just furble on witlessly.? But no chance of either with this garden. It is everything I remembered and more. A new season another year of growth.? Of course many of the photos in the magazine were taken last year. I was thrilled when Susan who is a wonderful gardener said she thought some of them were so inspirational she cut them out of the magazine something she doesn’t normally do.

What holds up?magnificently at this time of year?is the black border and I’m going to write about it in an upcoming issue. His garden is a wonderful example of why really good structure serves us well in the garden. Even as the season closes down there is the form to engage the eye.? Foliage is important but it’s the form that’s so striking.

We all developed Great Dixter Envy because Susan had just returned from taking a course there over a week. This is the magnificent garden of the late Christopher Lloyd.? But apart from that what fun?to spend hours and hours talking gardens without boring anyone half to death.?

I’m hoping that I will be looser and more comfortable?with this in another day or?so and I’ll figure out how to put pictures on here.? This is a whole new learning curve for me.? Anyway onwards and?upwards and into the garden.

Marjorie?? September 26, 2007?