Carpentiria 3

I thought things would improve but it’s continued to pour rain here. The the house is worse than I thought. My friends and family have got it all upstairs. Who’d have thought I had so much stuff. And now I’ll be camping out partly in Jack’s half of the house, partly in my own. I’m hoping that A. it will stop raining here and temps go up; and B things will start happening there.
It’s been so depressing and I feel weepy all the time. But we did see old friends and that was lovely. Thank you for all your messages of comfort. Sure needed that. m

  • Brantwood

    February 17, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    I am amazed and impressed that you have not asked Jack to take a photograph of you as the Niobe of Carpentiria in the style of Julia Margaret Cameron, so that it can be posted here where we can all join in the teariness. On second thoughts, the picture that’s always here reminds us that you are already the Stoic of the Annex as well as the Duchess of Albany! And it’s more like the MH we all admire and venerate.

    Lots of love, o heavily-rained-upon-one

    from the freezing, wind-blown and temp?te-tossed south of France.

  • Janet Davis

    February 17, 2009 at 11:46 pm

    M – here’s the 4-day weather forecast for Santa Barbara. It’s a helluva lot better than Toronto. Chin up! And find a garden to visit. xo J

    Wednesday…Mostly sunny. Highs around 60.

    Wednesday Night…Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s.

    Thursday…Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid to upper 60s.

    Thursday Night…Mostly clear. Lows in the lower to mid 40s.

    Friday…Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid to upper 60s.

    Friday Night…Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower to mid 40s.

    Saturday…Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain. Highs in the lower to mid 60s.

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