David Suzuki

Saturday’s gig with Dr. David Suzuki turned into one of those real surprises. ?I’ve known Suzuk for decades because I worked on one of his project many years ago. ?When they threw open the doors at the Music Hall and about 50 people filtered in at what we thought was the right hour, we were muttering “This is going to be disappointing.” ?Then about 800 people marched in at the last minute and the place was jumping with energy.??The neat thing, apart from catching up with David, is that I got to meet Laurence Packer the bee guy from York University. The occasion was the publication of his ?book on Bees of Toronto. So we were all talking about habitat, native plants ?(I used the wonderful Linda Read’s native plant shots). ?Then David got up and did what he is so brilliant at: connecting all the dots, bringing everyday things into perspective. ?Dr. Packer is adamantly against mulch so I’m going to have to go into that in a future blog. ?Not that we’re thinking about mulch this early. ?He’s such a neat guy and the information about bees and other pollinators is invaluable. Get it. Suzuk was then going off to Ottawa to be a stand-in speaker for Brian Mulroney. He was addressing a group of realtors. I suspect they are still reeling from the impact. I am at work on the Spring newsletter so I will have lots more native plants than the ones listed in the last blog, and it will have more particulars and why I like them. ?